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How to Order


CNL - Cannelure1
TC - Truncated Cone
LKS - Lead Keith Style
BLC - Bonded Lead Core

LT - Lead Tip
HP - Hollow Point
FLT - Flat Lead Tip
FB - Flat Base

OT - Open Tip           
T3E - Truncated 3/4E
BT - Boat Trail
RBT - Rebated Boat Tail

VP-Viper Tip

Order Entry Format

44-aa-bbb-cc-dd-ee-fff   or  45-aa-bbb-cc-dd-ee-fff

aa - Defines Basic Bullet Shape
    00 = Cone
    01 = 3/4E Round Nose
    02 = Viper
    03 = Keith Style
bbb - Defines Total Bullet Weight in Grains
    Enter desired weight in grains.
cc - Defines Jacket Type
    00 = Standard Jacket
    01 = Heavy Straight Walled Jacket
dd - Defines Core
    00 = Standard
    01 = Bonded
ee - Defines Nose Detail
    00 = Full Lead Tip
    01 = Truncated Cone (lead tipped)1
    02 = Truncated 3/4E (lead tipped)1
    03 = Truncated Cone (Flush to Jacket)1
    04 = Truncated 3/4E (Flush to Jacket)1
    05 = Open Tip
    06 = Hollow Point
1Define Meplat size in option fff

fff - Defines Truncated Meplat Size
    000 = Enter diameter in decimal inches.
Important Notes: For cannelured bullets, please see note1 in the Customer Note box. If there is no information regarding cannelure placement, the order will ship without cannelures.

Overall bullet lengths are limited to a maximum of 1.0” and a minimum is ½”.

Custom Order Example 1:
 44-00-360-01-01-01-250 Defines a 44 caliber cone shaped bullet (aa), 360gr final weight (bbb), heavy jacket (cc), bonded core (dd), Truncated cone lead tipped (ee), Meplat diameter is .250” (fff). The Bullet will look like this:

Custom Order Example 2:  44-01-300-01-01-04-285 Defines a 44 caliber cone shaped bullet (aa), 300gr final weight (bbb), heavy jacket (cc), bonded core (dd), Truncated 3/4E flush to jacket (ee), Meplat diameter is .285” (fff). The bullet will look like this:

As an alternative  You can email (text and sketches) or call me with a description of the desired bullet design. Whichever method is easiest for you is fine with me.