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Diamondback is a true custom bullet shop. I don’t offer nor do I stock “off the shelf” standard designs for you to pick from. You define the bullet style that meets your shooting needs. As you browse the examples shown in this brochure, you’ll see the flexibility offered. Although some limitations do apply, I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

My focus is currently on two calibers; .45 (.452”) and .44 (.429”) for handgun applications. I have a personal liking for heavy-weight and mid-weight bullets in these calibers preferring to throw as much mass at the SAFEST velocity/pressures downrange as possible. If you’re partial to light weight bullets, I can meet your needs in this area too.

For the handloader of cast lead or copper plated cast bullets, I can reform .429” bullets to one of the examples shown below. I’ll be expanding this service to include .452” bullets at a later date. Cast, copper plated bullets work best but other types can be reformed. Contact me to discuss further details.

The handgun bullets are geared toward the handgun hunter needing deep penetration while retaining all or nearly all the bullet weight and for those individuals wanting a reliable bullet/cartridge for wilderness protection in their sidearm. At this time jackets are of standard thickness of ~.010”-.015”. Thick, straight walled jackets of ~.030” will be available soon.

Nearly all handgun bullets can have bonded cores. The limitations to this are bullets having very large lead tips or the half jacketed varieties. Most that have an exposed lead tip start out with the cores flush or slightly below the jacket. Subsequently, through the manufacturing process while forming the bullet shape, enough lead is extruded to form the tip. This excess lead finishes off the handgun bullet tips.

Why only two calibers? When you consider that these bullets are all individually handmade for each client and that no two bullet orders (designs) are alike, it’s a fairly daunting task in the constant changes in tooling setup, adjustments, experimentation, etc that goes into making a custom bullet. A great deal of attention is paid to quality of construction. At this point in time, this is about all I can handle.

Since I cater to the experienced handloader, I won’t dwell on the need for safety, other than to emphasize the need to observe all the rules of safe handloading at all times when developing performance loads for these bullets. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email address located in this brochure. It’s always best (and safest) to discuss first before ‘doing’ and shooting.

I’ve spent the past 25 plus years accepting and using bullets the major manufacturers offered to the public. Don’t get me wrong. The large bullet companies offer a myriad of bullet calibers of various shapes and weights of a very high quality but, when I wanted that 355 grain .452” in a flat lead tip or a short, truncated cone with a bonded core, it didn’t exist.

Now it does….

Keep in touch, as I’ll be adding additional tip designs and other features to these two calibers. I’m also in the early development stages for two rifle calibers; .270 and .308.